Dr. Peng Data (鹏博士大数据)

Dr. Peng Data is the data center operation arm of Dr. Peng Group, which is the largest private company providing telecom value-added services in China. The Group has 40,000 employees worldwide, providing Big Data Cloud Network, Broadband and Internet Value-Added Services to 14 million residential and 500,000 business class users in more than 210 cities across China and North America.

In Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Wuhan and Chengdu, Dr. Peng has established next generation national Class A data centers, meeting international T3/T4 standards, with a total area of up to over 200,000 sqm, and over 30,000 racks in total. It is one of the largest carrier-neutral data center providers in China, with unparalleled utilization rate in the industry. 

official website https://www.drpeng.com.cn/en

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